Cycling coaching is the best way to improve both your technical and physical ability on the bike. If you are wanting to increase fitness for an event or if you are looking to race, then a  cycling coaching program could be for you.  Cycling coaching is relevant to all levels of cyclist, from learning to ride or pushing for that final Olympic place. My coaching sessions and packages are bespoke to meet the needs of the individual or group, no two are the same.

Over the last fifteen years I coached many athletes, from grassroots youth riders to national champions and podium places in UCI races on the continent.  Each rider is a separate challenge to me keeping my motivation high and I know you can benefit from my experience in your own riding.

Individual prescribed coaching

I wholly believe in individualised cycling coaching for endurance athletes to enable them to achieve their best performances.  Todays busy lifestyles make it increasingly difficult to get time on the bike and many riders I speak to feel they are ‘just riding’.  An individualised training program takes into account your lifestyle and all of your strengths and weaknesses in every area of you training such as; recovery, diet, racing tactics and physiological as well as psychological issues.

  • All programs are completely bespoke, developed to reflect your goals.
  • A consultation is offered to give both the athlete and the coach a chance to ask questions and make sure the relationship will suit both parties.
  • All cycling coaching packages will come with a free Training Peaks account.
  • An exercise test (ramp test or performance power profile test) will take place before the start of each cycling coaching program to establish either heart rate or power zones from which to develop the training plan.
  • Periodic testing will also take place to establish historic training data to give further information on how the athlete is performing.

Get in touch for a chat to see if this is for you and how I can help you in your training and racing. It has been shown to be immensely successful with the grassroots to international athletes who I work with.

Group technical coaching

It’s a great way to improve your technique, imitate road racing and have great fun while doing it. This session will ran with 2 coaches to cover numbers if needed.

  • General overview
  • Cornering
  • Descending
  • Climbing
  • Bunch riding skills – cornering, through and off..
  • Taking bottles, using pockets, contact..

1 session (120 min) – £poa

3 sessions – £poa

10 sessions – £poa

Individual technical coaching

There truly is no better way to maximise the cycling coaching / athlete relationship than a one-on-one technical session. It is a great way to relax and get down to the real issues that you face as a bike rider. It allows me as a coach to get a really good look at an athlete and help them improve. I can look at any techniques that may need work and also give practical demonstrations when and where needed.

  • General overview
  • Cornering
  • Descending
  • Climbing
  • Taking bottles, using pockets, contact with other riders etc..

1 session (120 min) – £70

3 sessions – £180

10 sessions – £550

Ramp tests, bike fits, performance power profile tests, nutritional and lifestyle analysis as well as bike fits are also available on request.

As part of each cycling coaching package there are a number of services included.  These are not exhaustive and each cycling coaching package will differ slightly for each rider and this will grow with the relationship.

  • Consultation – Prior to every rider starting on a cycling coaching program we will have a chat to establish your wants and needs.  We will look at your diet, available time, previous results, previous training and rider perceived goals for the year.  This consultation can be done face to face or over Skype. It is a great way for both rider and coach to find out more about the process and how it will work.
  • Testing – Every rider will go through a testing process. We will establish your power output, max heart rate and power to weight ratio. This will give a historical record from which to refer and compare later in the program.
  • Daily training prescription – A detailed description of what you are required to that day.  It will include warm up, main set and a cool down. This will be detailed down to what to do and why you are doing it and in what way it will benefit you as a rider.
  • Training analysis – The data and session feedback that will be supplied from your training will be analysed on a daily basis through Training Peaks and will form the basis of subsequent weeks prescribed sessions to make sure you are getting the most out of your training.
  • Technical assessment & training – As part of my role as a coach at British Cycling was to make sure the technical ability of riders was up to scratch and enabled them to compete at their best.  This is something I like to carry on with my riders as it cannot be under estimated how important it can be.  Bunch skills and race knowledge integral to success and this can transform your race day.