Sports massage.

Yes, I work with a lot of folk who play sport to differing levels, but I also work with just as many folk who don’t. Some of the patients I have given most benefit to have been office workers. Those who suffer from all sorts of aches and pains from long hours in the office and a poor working environment. Does sore shoulders, a stiff neck, and often a headache sound familiar? Well read on and see how it may benefit you.

As an office worker, there are a number of ways in which a sports massage will benefit you.


pain in the office
Pain relief
One of the key benefits of our treatments is pain relief. When you have muscular issues it can be very disruptive to your life. One of the reasons office workers gets aches and pains is the static nature of many roles. Muscles do not really like being held static for long periods and that’s when you get the aches and pains. With a sports massage we can get the muscles moving freely, increasing movement and efficiency, making you much more relaxed.

Increased movement and mobility
We can restore movement and functionality in stiff and aching muscles, ease those headaches and make your working day much easier. Everyday things we take for granted such as putting on clothes, walking the dog or driving can become difficult if problems are left too long.

Stress Relief
Having a constant ache in your back, neck and shoulders can be very stressful and really disrupt your day. Imagine how you would feel if that pain disappeared? My clients often say after treatment that they have forgotten what it feels like to not feel pain! Imagine how much more productive you will be in your day-to-day life with a pain free body.

Prevention of the onset of further pain
Before you leave we will chat through what interventions you can put in place to prevent future issues. We will endeavour to explain to you why you have the aches and pains and give you stretches and exercises to combat any weaknesses you may have. In doing this we hope you will get to root of the problem and have a pain free working life!
Here at Bateman Sports Massage and Swissphysio we know how frustrating it is when you do not get the treatment you are looking for. We make sure each patient is treated as an individual and don’t worry too much about the dreaded painful sports massage, we work with you to ensure you get the treatment you need.
Come and visit us – we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!